2 Wheeler Clutch Center

2 Wheeler Clutch Center

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2 Wheeler Clutch Center Price And Quantity

  • 100 INR

Product Description

A two-wheeler clutch center is a component of the clutch assembly in a two-wheeled vehicle such as a motorcycle or scooter. The clutch center is located in the center of the clutch assembly and is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission.

The clutch center consists of a series of plates that are stacked together and held in place by a center hub. The plates are typically made from friction materials such as cork or paper, and alternate with metal plates. When the clutch lever is engaged, the plates are pressed together, creating friction that allows the engine to transfer power to the transmission.

The clutch center is a critical component of the clutch assembly, as it is responsible for transmitting power between the engine and transmission. A worn or damaged clutch center can cause slipping or difficulty in shifting gears, which can lead to decreased performance and increased wear on other parts of the vehicle.

Regular maintenance and inspection of the clutch assembly, including the clutch center, is important to ensure that the vehicle is operating safely and efficiently. If any issues are identified with the clutch center or other components of the clutch assembly, it is important to have them addressed promptly by a qualified mechanic.

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